Iran Womens

When in Europe talk about women's rights in Iran just laughs. However, Nobel Peace laureate Shirin Ebadi Iranian and spoke about the plight of Iranian women in the native country was immediately forgotten. The names of the other champions of the rights and freedoms of the weaker sex in Iran, too, is not pronounced. And why? Here, women living according to laws invented by men, and not always having the right even to divorce, still consider themselves the most free. EN correspondent tried to understand this paradox on the spot.

Rare serious European politicians in his time not observed in the field fighting for the rights and freedoms of women. As has become extremely difficult to invent any more rights are not enough European weaker sex, crossed to the right of women of the East. Interest is very rewarding, because almost inexhaustible: the benefit of the life of the Eastern women, little is known. While many are needed: one from the word "polygamy" and "veil" from feminist-minded European women's eyes immediately lit up righteous anger.
"And you think that in France, where to wear the veil in schools and institutions is prohibited by law, women are freer than ours, where it is forbidden to shoot?" - A sly smile, asked me a graduate of Tehran University Zahra Mohammadi.

Understanding the Iranian tradition begins on board of airplane flight. Twenty minutes before boarding a flight attendant with obliging Iran insistent politeness help all visitors of their country to engage in head scarves. From this point it's time to forget about what your nationality and religion, and remember the old English saying "arriving in Rome, behave like a Roman." Because in Iran, separate rules for foreigners there, and the division of all and everything happens according to gender. Even the passport control man and woman are held in different queues.

Tying scarves passenger, a flight attendant forgets to say that Iran's rules should be covered not only the head, neck and elbows, but also "back seat". As a result, a long time I did not realize the significance of angry gestures Iranian pogranichnitsy, trying to force me to fasten a cloak, under which, incidentally, was entirely civilian, according to our notions, but too short on Iranian rules shirt.

Terms of clothing for women in Iran are somewhat similar to dress-code in the serious business: fire - do not get fired, but the comments from the "senior in rank will be many. So go the conservative Iranian women, hidden in a hijab - a device resembling a hood, covering both the head and neck - and bundle up and down the veil. If you go out into the street with his head uncovered, you risk running into the moral police. Then would have been at least go to their accompaniment to the nearest store for a handkerchief or pay a fine and wait for the arrival of relatives or husband in police custody.