Iran Women Say No to Polygamy

In response to efforts of coalition, Iranian parliament (Majlis) has removed the 2 most contested articles of this bill, Articles 25 and 23, postponing the bill’s floor discussion indefinitely. In addition, parliament send the bill back to the Parliamentary Judicial Committee for revisions. This temporary victory has energized women activists of Iran.


Iran Womens

When in Europe talk about women's rights in Iran just laughs. However, Nobel Peace laureate Shirin Ebadi Iranian and spoke about the plight of Iranian women in the native country was immediately forgotten. The names of the other champions of the rights and freedoms of the weaker sex in Iran, too, is not pronounced. And why? Here, women living according to laws invented by men, and not always having the right even to divorce, still consider themselves the most free. EN correspondent tried to understand this paradox on the spot.

Iranian feminists sentenced to prison and lashes

An appellate court in Iran upheld the sentence of imprisonment and lashes, handed down two Iranian feminists for taking part in the struggle for women's equal rights in matters such as marriage, divorce, inheritance, custody. The issue is very popular among US teachers and they choose it as a topic for essays. Fortunately, one can always buy essay online.


Attitudes towards the animals

Attitudes towards the dog in Central Asia, Iran and Afghanistan have changed in VII-VIII centuries, when these lands were conquered by the Arabs and converted to Islam. If the Zoroastrians the dog was a sacred animal, then the Muslims, it was considered a "dirty animal" - nadzhasa. A Muslim can keep a dog in the yard, but in any case not to let in the house. Whereas before it touches the dog must perform ablution. However, for the hounds of old, lived in tents, Arabian Bedouin, was an exception - and so far the Islamic lawyers of these four legged aristocrats officially "not considered" dogs. As for the local shepherds' dogs - the ancestors of Asians - the conditions of their detention appeared after the adoption of Islam somewhat tightened. However, Zoroastrian past is not forgotten. For example, in one of the old Turkmen legend tells about the fact that after the expulsion of Adam from Paradise to earth it fell upon the beasts, which was headed by a huge dog. The first man called out to God, and God told him to pat the dog (an unclean animal!). Then she began to protect Adam from other animals.

In the Middle Ages Asians continued to faithfully serve the simple shepherds and hunters. But as so often happens, is famous in the pages of these chronicles are not workers, and those of their compatriots, who in the service of the powers that be were forced to engage in a rather unpleasant things. For example, the ruler of Khorezm Mohammed, the strongest of the Muslim rulers of the XIII century, had a lot of ferocious dogs, which kept his palaces. Were he and the dog-torturers. Sentenced to death people dumped into a special tower. Below them butchered hairy man-eating dogs. Terrible Khoresmshah definitely overdone with frightening subjects, and they do not stand up for their ruler, where the borders of Khorezm came hordes of Genghis Khan.

Numerology chart calculation and things that Astrovera can tell about

People always appraised an idea to be able to look into one’s future, to know what one is destined to. Nowadays many techniques exist to become much closer to realization of that dream. Feng Shui, Astrology, Tarot Cards, Numerogoly charts and many more different kinds of mystic disciplines are widely used to know some bits of information regarding future or destiny. Each of these studies had, and is still having many adepts all over the world. Any archaic civilization was showing great trust and respect to numerologists, shamans and other mystics. As other branches of knowledge become developed later, people tend to value mystic knowledge less than before.

At the point of other disciplines’ prime, numerology chart calculation was not in great favor, but rapidly it came to front position as well. Nowadays progression in branches of science and technology has delivered much stuff that was not available in the past, including new methodology of future prediction among few revived disciplines. Now internet is populated with sites devoted to Astrology Zone study, Tarot Cards, Numerology and similar sources of knowledge for acutely interested individuals. Sites exist that provide very useful functionality. For example, by simply providing a small amount of data about yourself, you can view so-called birth diagram, and subscribe to periodical forecasts on important aspects of your lifespan.