Iranian feminists sentenced to prison and lashes

An appellate court in Iran upheld the sentence of imprisonment and lashes, handed down two Iranian feminists for taking part in the struggle for women's equal rights in matters such as marriage, divorce, inheritance, custody.

Incredible! According to the verdict, the 31-year Masumeh Zia sentenced to year in prison and 35 lashes, a 55-year Marzy Langerudi - to 6 months in prison and 10 lashes.

Recall that the Iranian law allows severe discrimination against women. For example, in the testimony of two women are equal to the testimony of one man, divorce, children remain with his father, in succession to have the double advantage of men: the death of his father's son gets two-thirds of the inheritance, but only one daughter, men are allowed to marry a second time, not asking for this permission first, which is contrary to the laws of the Koran.