Iran Women Say No to Polygamy

In response to efforts of coalition, Iranian parliament (Majlis) has removed the 2 most contested articles of this bill, Articles 25 and 23, postponing the bill’s floor discussion indefinitely. In addition, parliament send the bill back to the Parliamentary Judicial Committee for revisions. This temporary victory has energized women activists of Iran.

Shirin Ebadi has called the Family Protection Bill a sign of the Iranian government regression to some centuries ago. In an interview of Change4Equality website editor, Ebadi sad she and her colleagues would stage a sitin at the Majlis Building should the bill be discussed on they floor.

On August 31 approximately 100 women activists and leaders from various feminist groups such as the One Million Signatures Campaign, Kanoon Zanan Irani, Meydaan Zanan, Shirin Ebadi, Simin Behbahani, Iran’s “brave and popular” Iranian woman poet, met with members of parliament and expressed their opposition to the bill.

Simin Behbahani, in interview with Iranian publication, The Feminist School, summed up the meeting, “Today, we had a duty, and our duty was to voice the concerns of the women in our country to the representatives. Our visit to parliament and our objection was because we don’t want future generations to wonder why we did not protest such a bill. Visiting the parliament was very important and necessary.”